Travel Information

Travel in the Netherlands

Please see the following section for more information on visa information as well as how the use public transport using the OV (Public Transport) Card and how to travel from Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam. Holland boasts a very comprehensive and reliable public transport network. You can travel pretty much anywhere in the Netherlands using train, tram, bus or metro. This includes cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht as well as quaint traditional villages such as Kinderdijk, Volendam and Giethoorn.

VISA Information

Most of the conference participants do not need to apply for a visa to enter the Netherlands. Please check the following link if you require a short-stay Shengen visa (90 days or less) in order to visit the Netherlands. Please click here for more information.

OV Card (Public Transport Card)

Much like the Oyster card in London and the Octopus Card in Hong Kong, the OV Card is a means of using public transport safely and efficiently in the Netherlands. We advise that you purchase an Anonymous OV Card upon arrival at Schiphol Airport. These cards can be purchased at the yellow ticket machines located near the exit of the baggage claim / collection hall or at the yellow ticket machines or at the service desk in the central foyer / entrance of Schiphol Airport. It’s important to remember to:

Put money on the Anonymous OV Card
  • You can ask for help at an NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) service desk at any major station (e.g., Schiphol or Rotterdam) and they will allow you to transfer cash or money from your debit or credit card to money on your OV card.
  • Machines at Schiphol accept credit cards. Beware that machines in other stations in the Netherlands may not accepted credit cards.
  • We therefore advise you to put €40,00 to €60,00 on your Anonymous OV Card for travel. This provides a safe buffer for travel in the Netherlands.
  • When you leave the Netherlands you can request that the left over money be taken off your card and given to you in cash. Alternatively you can keep it and use it next time you are in the Netherlands. Cards are valid up to 5 years and can be used by anyone.
Make sure the OV card is activated:
  • If you charged the card using a credit card at Schiphol Airport, the card will be automatically activated for train travel.
  • If the money is put on at a service desk, ask the desk clerk to activate the card for train travel.
Check-in & Check-out
  • Every time you travel by train, tram, bus or metro you need to check-in at one of the dedicated check-in poles or physical gates.
  • At Schiphol you swipe your ticket in front of the yellow ticket reader before you descend to the platform (located in the foyer / entrance hall).
  • Every time you exit a train, tram, bus or metro you also need to check-out at one of the dedicated poles or physical gates. If you forget to check out you will pay a penalty fee.

Travel from Schiphol Airport to Rotterdam

  • Traveling to Rotterdam by train is easy and affordable. After going through customs follow the signs to the train station, which is located underneath the main foyer / entrance of Schiphol Airport.
  • Please remember to purchase an OV Card at a yellow ticket-machine or at the NS Service Desk. Also check-in before you get on the train and check-out upon arrival.
  • The trains to Rotterdam Central Station leave every 15 or 30 minutes (or every hour during the night), depending on the time and day. The train journey takes about 25 minutes and costs about €14,00.
  • Upon arrival, you can find the Marriott Hotel right across the street from Rotterdam Central Station. The Hilton Hotel is located +/- 5 minutes from the station.
  • Timetables can be found on the NS Website. Detailed travel information can also be found on the various screens in the baggage hall, foyer / entrance hall and on the train platform.

For further information please see:

Taxi & Uber

It is possible to travel by taxi and Uber in the Netherlands. Please be aware that taxis are expensive in the Netherlands.

  • Catching an official taxi at Schiphol (to Rotterdam) will set you back +/- €150,00.
  • Booking a taxi in advance will significantly reduce the taxi fare from Schiphol to Rotterdam. This will cost between €80,00 and €90,00.
  • Uber is also available in the Netherlands. Please use Uber for a price estimate.